Our aim is to be your best choice for taking away your scrap car in Crawley. We are able to service not only Crawley, but local towns and villages Lambs Green, Bewbush, Faygate, Pound Hill, Worth and Tinsley Green and many others in the neighbouring areas.

There’s some paperwork that needs finishing when you scrap your car, van or motorbike. If you don’t complete the paperwork and send it off to them, the DVLC will keep your registration for your former means of transport and expect you to continue to pay annual vehicle tax. We will make sure that doesn’t happen by completing the DVLA forms with you. We’ll also help with completing the COD – certificate of destruction – to ensure everything is up to date for you when we take away your scrap.

We don’t have any hidden charges or costs that suddenly spring out and take away some of your car scrap value when we collect from you. The price we quote to you will be the price we give you. We hear of stories where competitors suddenly find a charge that reduces your final value considerably. We rely on our reputation for future business so we’ll always be fair and just.

Our office staff has been trained to be extremely knowledgeable in their work as scrap car dealers and are always on hand to give you the best advice available.

When you want to scrap a car, you should contact our experts in Crawley. This location is conveniently located almost equal distance between the centre of London and Brighton.

Crawley General Knowledge

While most of the country knows Crawley as local to Gatwick airport and a place to stay overnight before flying out across the globe for business or pleasure, for local people there has been the joy in watching the rise of the local football team climbing into the football league and now just two promotions away from the Premier League.

Crawley was one of the first locations to become a New Town after the Second World War when the country looked to regenerate after six years of conflict. The population has doubled to just over 100,000 since the original town plan was set in 1947 with the County Mall shopping centre housing most of the main stores found across the UK.

People come in from local towns to work at Gatwick Airport, or for services related to the airport, but located around Crawley.

The local towns of Horley, Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Horsham, Haywards Heath and East Grinstead are just a short car drive away. This means that our large number of recovery trucks can collect your scrap quickly.